Training continuing at rapid rate!

Training classes at Condition One have been steady during the COVID situation as training is considered “essential” to buying a handgun and buying a handgun is considered “essential”.

Ammo, especially for handguns, has become harder to find and priced at a premium.  As such I have to limit how much ammo can be supplied and for what extra cost during classes as needed.  To be updated as things change, hopefully for the better.

Monty W

I'm a USCCA & NRA Certified/MD State Police Qualified Handgun Instructor . I actively compete in USPSA practical shooting matches to hone my skills and have a ton of fun! My goal is to offer a relaxed, personalized training environment that facilitates easy learning and encourages meaningful dialogue. No sitting anonymously in a classroom with twenty other people at Condition One! I have many years of competition and teaching experience including: USPSA Carry Optics B class and rising IDPA Marksman AMA Pro/CCS/WERA/SMUSA Motorcycle Racing with a National Championship (2002 WERA National Challenge-Formula 2) and dozens of Regional Championships. AASI Snowboard Instructor-2000-2003 20+ Years of mountain bike racing including 24 hour endurance events. I have the ability to DO and to relate HOW to do which is why you should consider training with me.

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