Nice shooting by my students!

“Monty did an excellent job.  The class was very informative and well presented.  I can’t wait for my next class and do some shooting at the range!”
Justin H. 8/23/16

“Such an excellent experience.  Hands-on, patient and informative.  I will certainly be referring this training to people that I meet.”
Jimmy R. 11/17/16

“Five stars!”
Raquel A. 5/14/16

“Thank you Monty Warsing for superb training!”
Pete V. 6/16/16

“Awesome teaching! Took the HQL class and headed into Basic Pistol. Monty is an excellent instructor!”
Alex C. 5/13/16

“Monty gives a first rate, well paced and thorough class. Some friends and I took his HQL class and are very pleased we did so. We will be returning for follow-up training in the very near future.”
Marc L. 2/28/16

Just took the HQL course at Condition One Training. The instructor was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer any questions I had. Looking forward to taking Pistol 101 next. I would highly recommend Condition One Training to anyone who is looking for personal, professional training.”
Mike S. 4/4/17

Took the HQL class at Condition One Training. Monty was extremely knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all my questions. After I got my finger printing done he helped me get set up with MDSP. I would highly recommend Monty with all your HQL, and handgun safety needs. I plan on having my kids take his handgun safety course this summer.”
Danny W. 4/19/17

Monty is an excellent instructor! Very informative class, range time was invaluable!
Lori N. 1/24/17

“I did some basic pistol training & spent some time on the range with Monty last week.  As someone new to handguns, it’s important to me to feel comfortable with the other person in the room handling a firearm.  He was extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and took all instruction seriously.  Will definitely be the first of much training.  Thank you!”
Melissa J. 11/20/17

“Decided to take my Maryland HQL class here and was very impressed.  Monty was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable.  Did a great job answering questions and making sure I knew everything I needed for my HQL”
Matt P.  1/5/18

“Monty is great, super knowledgeable and very easy to work with!”
Kyle C.  1/4/18

“As a teacher, I was very pleased with how Monty taught me the essential information for my HQL license.  You can expect hands on experiences within this course.”
Chris D. 3/27/18

“Monty is an excellent instructor who taught me a number of new safety points as well as range skills.  He is very knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend Monty for any of your training needs.”
Marc R.  10/30/18


 I took the Concealed Carry & Home Defense course from Monty. His instructions and demonstrations were clear, informative, and practical,  Small class sizes on range day made the experience comfortable and personalized.  I would highly recommend Monty as an instructor.

Guy P. 9/5/22