ConditionOne uses the iTargetPro system for classroom shooting exercises. Use “TRAINER10” for a 10% discount when purchasing your own iTargetPro.
Range time on 2nd of two days teaching MD Wear & Carry class.
HQL Training Classes were deemed “essential” during COVID-19 quarantine so classes continued with proper safety protocols.
Running a client through more advanced drills during a CCW Renewal course.
I participate in both ASI and IDPA action shooting events to stay sharp and learn new skills.
Honk to say “Hi!”
I strive to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable in all weather conditions!
This is your goal, sharp focus on the front sight, rear sights and target should be blurry.
Never too young to groove good fundamentals!
Thumbs forward, shoulders slightly in front of hips, gun brought to eye level.
These ladies were getting it done! Outdoors…in FEBRUARY!!! Nice!

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Yours truly, ready to train!