Maryland HQL-$79.00
4.5 Hours covering all requirements to apply for your Handgun Qualification License:types of pistols, ammunition knowledge, operation, storage, safety, shooting fundamentals and Maryland Law.

Pistol 101-$119.00
8 hours (includes your MD HQL!).  Learn how to be a knowledgeable, competent and safe handgun owner/operator. Why choose a revolver or semi-automatic?  How do you safely load and unload?  What comprises a good, functional grip?  Where’s the best place to store a handgun?  How do I clean a pistol?  I’ll teach you all of this and more!  Includes 50-100 rounds of live fire range instruction.

NRA New Shooter Seminar-Call/email for details
1.5 hour class intended for presentation to larger groups covering the very basics of safe & responsible handgun and rifle ownership.

NRA Basic Pistol Full Instructor Lead Class-$149.00
8 Hour, Certificate based course with classroom and range time.  Includes new Basic Pistol Qualifier as well as written test to earn certificate of completion.

NRA Basic Pistol Phase 2-$79.00
Complete NRA Basic Pistol Online training at your own pace. Once completed you’ll schedule Phase 2 with me where we’ll review your online class and go to the range for basic shooting drills and a qualification.

NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home-$179.00
8 hours-(Basic Pistol or Pistol 101 is a prerequisite) Learn how to- create an emergency plan for your home & family, discuss how to select a pistol for home defense, understand the difference between cover and concealment, what to expect during and after a defensive encounter, how to make yourself and your home a less desirable target, explore and practice the basics of defensive shooting.  Includes +/- 100 rounds of live fire practice.  This is a highly recommended, helpful and very informative class and counts as hours towards your MD Wear and Carry!!!

NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home-$199.00
8-10 hours (must take and pass PPITH as a prerequisite)  Build upon the skills and knowledge gained in the Personal Protection Inside the Home with over 200 rounds of more advanced defensive shooting drills, review laws pertaining to using deadly force in self-defense, discuss firearm selection and holster/carry options and more.  Be prepared to spend half this course on the range!  (This course counts towards your requirements and hours for the Wear and Carry class)

Maryland Wear and Carry-$299.00
16 hours-Combines the skills taught in Pistol 101/PPITH/PPOTH with MD Law discussion & review.

HKC Kettlebell Instruction-$40.00/hour
Skip the scary YouTube videos and learn how to safely and correctly perform a proper Hardstyle kettlebell swing, Turkish Get Up, Goblet Squat and more.  It’s amazing what one little ball of iron can do for your strength, conditioning, mobility, weight control and life improvement!


***Prices subject to change***