What to look for in an instructor?

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Since Maryland added the HQL certification in 2013, firearms instructors have seemingly popped up on every street corner.  What are their credentials?  Current or ex law enforcement?  Active or retired/discharged military?  Special Ops?  They run the gamut.

Me?  I’m a guy who excels at teaching, is skilled at presenting and detail oriented.  The vast majority of people are looking for very basic and affordable handgun training and aren’t heading overseas on deployment.  They are at a point in their life where they have decided to buy a new handgun or want to learn how to safely store, use and maybe even clean the gun they do own.  Some want to learn how to make themselves and their home less of a target to predators, and a smaller amount want to take it to a higher level learning defensive shooting techniques and apply for their Maryland Wear & Carry or explore the action shooting sports.  Those are my specialty and why you should train with Condition One.

I’ve invested many years and many dollars studying, training and earning a number of certifications from the NRA.  They’ve invested decades and millions of dollars training law abiding citizens and fine tuning their training to make it efficient and effective.  It’s the Gold Standard after all and it’s available from me at Condition One.

Be realistic.  Don’t get swallowed up in the “tactical” hype.  Start with and master the basics.  OWN the basics.  Build the base of your training pyramid deep and wide.  That’s more than enough for most people.

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