2020 should be your year for HQL, CCW and other protection classes!

There’s no arguing that the current political climate is charged and ready to explode.  States like Virginia have gone from extremely pro 2A to become very anti-2A.  Some believe Maryland won’t stand for that and will have to take even more restrictive actions against our liberties!

Now should be the time for you to contact Condition One to schedule your HQL or Personal Protection classes so you can be ahead of the curve.

Call or email now to discuss options.

Monty W

I'm a USCCA & NRA Certified/MD State Police Qualified Handgun Instructor . I actively compete in USPSA practical shooting matches to hone my skills and have a ton of fun! My goal is to offer a relaxed, personalized training environment that facilitates easy learning and encourages meaningful dialogue. No sitting anonymously in a classroom with twenty other people at Condition One! I have many years of competition and teaching experience including: USPSA Carry Optics B class and rising IDPA Marksman AMA Pro/CCS/WERA/SMUSA Motorcycle Racing with a National Championship (2002 WERA National Challenge-Formula 2) and dozens of Regional Championships. AASI Snowboard Instructor-2000-2003 20+ Years of mountain bike racing including 24 hour endurance events. I have the ability to DO and to relate HOW to do which is why you should consider training with me.

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